2019 : Design and fabrication of optical waveguide as directional coupler using laser cutting CO2 on acrylic substrate

Susilo Indrawati M.Si
Sudarsono S.Si., M.Si
Diky Anggoro S.Si.,M.Si


CO 2 laser cutting machine can provide convenience on making various souvenirs and decorations and billboards. CO 2 Laser cutting machines are widely used for cutting and grafting in some materials such as polymer, glass, paper, fabric and some non metallic materials. In this study using CO 2 laser cutting to create a directional coupler channel. In the process of making the canal done with engraving on acrylic substrate with 4.2 mW laser power and speed 10 mm/seconds and then repeated three times. Directional coupler fabrication is done variation of interaction length 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm. The result of directional coupler fabrication resulted in a coupling ratio of 49.8: 50.2 at 25 mm interaction length with input A2. Directional coupler fabrication with CO 2 laser cutting machine provides easy interaction length setting as it can be made with the engine and the results are in accordance …