2018 : Hubungan kejadian Flour Albus dengan tingkat kecemasan terhadap infeksi maternal pada WUS

Prof.Dr.Ir. Triwulan DEA


Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling or uncertain great scare, which happened as a reaction to something that is being experienced by someone, such as health problems. one of the important health problem for woman is about having flour albus. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between flour albus prevelance and anxiety to the occurance of maternal Infection in woman at campurejo vilage, Kediri District. The design was analytical survey with cross sectional approach. The population in this study was all woman at campurejo distric as many as 227 womans, while the samples were 143 woman taken by using purposive sampling. The measurement of the variables was conducted through questionnaire. The data was analyzed using Chi Square test. the result of analysis was x2= 10,996> 9,488, showing that there was relationship between flour albus prevalence and anxiety to the occurance of …