2019 : Study potency of hydrokinetic energy in discharge Balambano hydro electric power plant

Dr. Ridho Hantoro S.T., M.T.


Research on hydrokinetic potential in Balambano hydro power PT Vale Indonesia was carried out to gain in deep information about hydrokinetic potential power from the outflow of Balambano hydropower plant. Site survey data consist of Balambano river bathymetry and current velocities were collected and used for computational fluid dynamics simulation input. The results of the simulation show the value of power density ranging from 180 – 270 W/m2. The highest power density was found at the second cross section that is 400 meters far away from Balambano hydropower tailrace. While the lowest value of power density was found at first cross section that is 200 meters from Balambano hydropower tailrace. Froude number of the site study is less than 1 which is suitable for hydrokinetic turbine placement due to the subcritical and non-turbulent flow.