2011 : Chemical Engineering Research and Design

Prof.Ir. Ali Altway M.Sc


Subscribers are encouraged to copy and distribute this table of contents for internal, non-commercial purposes Papers 561 Estimation of the number of trays for natural gas triethylene glycol dehydration column BM JacÃ?imovicÃ?, SB GenicÃ?, DR DjordjevicÃ?, NJ Budimir and MS JaricÃ? 573 Synthesis of methylal by catalytic distillation X. Zhang, S. Zhang and C. Jian 581 Initial column profi le with composition-dependent relative volatility CI Farkas and E. RÃ?© v 586 The role of kinetics and hydrocarbon distribution in the multiplicities of a two-bed catalytic distillation column for deep hydrodesulfurization A. Rosales-Quintero and FD Vargas-Villamil 593 CFD simulation of laser enhanced modifi ed chemical vapor deposition process OK Mohammed Hafi z and A. Singh 603 Simulation and experiment of fl ow fi eld in axial-fl ow hydrocyclone W. Zhen-bo, M. Yi and J. You-hai 611 On hydraulic effi ciency of pitched blade …