2015 : Geographically weighted multinomial logistic regression model: Case study Human development index value and healths status areas of districts/cities 2013 in Sumatera

Drs. I Nyoman Latra M.Sc
Dr. Drs. Purhadi M.Sc


Human Development Index (HDI) is a measure of the achievement of development based on health, education and economics. Public Health Development Index is aggregation of health indicators that is formed by The Ministry of Health (usually it called by IPKM) to describe the health problems associated with life expectancy (AHH). IPKM values about 0 until 1, which is used to determine a status of the health problem district/city (DBK). Sumatra Island is located in the western part of Indonesia region which consists of 8 provinces, where the four provinces are Riau, North Sumatra, West Sumatra and Bengkulu have HDI value at 10 big sequence of 33 provinces in Indonesia. In this study will be carried out about modeling ofHDI and status of the health problem district / city using Multinomial Logistic models Geographically Weighted Regression (GWMLR), where the estimated regression coefficients depend on the geographical location of the data is observed. GWMLR model parameter estimation using weighted maximum likelihood method. Testing similarity GWMLRmodels with multinomial logistic regression model was approached with distribution F, significance test GWMLR model parameters simultaneously and partially respectively approximated by the distribution “and the standard normal distribution. The weighting function with optimum bandwidth is exponential kernel function because it produces a minimum CV. Classification accuracy of respon based on GWMLR model amounted to 72.26%. The best GWMLR model is a model that involves predictors r and r ”