2017 : Predicting the Reduction of Green House Gas Emission from Wastewater Disposal at South Part of Surabaya City

Ir. Mohammad Razif MM.


This research aims to predict the magnitude of the emissions of CO2 and CH4 generated from the activity of domestic and non-domestic instalation of wastewater disposal in the south part of Surabaya on 10 years duration. The method in this research is compiled by calculating the magnitude of waste domestic waste in units of liters/person/day. The calculations are based on the approach of discharging fresh water obtained from the account of Surabaya Drinking Water Enterprise (PDAM) at every home. From non-domestic facilities, the magnitude amount of clean water from the account of use of water PDAM can be calculated. The analysis results retrieve a prediction on the magnitude of emissions at the end of 10 years duration on the south part of Surabayafrom domestic activities by the value 224,941 kg/year CO2 and 53,076 kg/yearCH4, while the nondomesticactivities generate 112,094 kg/year CO2 and 26,449 kg/yearCH4. Prediction on magnitude of the potential energy shows the gas emissions of CH4 electric at the end of 10 years durationforsouth region of Surabaya activities by the domestic value of 748,773 kWh and of the activities of non-domestic by the value of 47,000 kWh. Prediction on magnitude of the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with the transfer of emission of CH4 into biogas in South of Surabaya by 10 years durationsfordomestic activities are 53,076 kg/year CH4 and of activities of non-domestic are 26,449 kg/year CH4.