2019 : Evaluation of stage acoustic parameters of Grha Sepuluh Nopember room

Drs. Gontjang Prajitno
Susilo Indrawati M.Si


The quality of the performance is determined by the stage acoustic condition. The parameter will determine the harmonization of performances as well as communication media between musicians. There are some acoustic parameters that determine the stage acoustics, which are ST early, ST late, reverberation time and clarity of music (C 80). The study evaluated the stage acoustic parameters in Grha Sepuluh Nopember. The evaluation has done by measuring the impulse response to obtain some acoustic parameters such as the direct sound energy, the first reflection energy and the final reflection energy of the sound heard by each position of the musician. Based on the measurement and analysis, the value of reverberation time is ranged from 0.8-2.9 s, ST early has a range of-10dB-6dB at each frequency, ST late has a range of-8dB-3dB at each frequency and C 80 has a range of-2dB-7dB at each frequency. So …