2018 : PERFORMANCE MODELLING FOR MAINTENANCE OUTSOURCING PROVIDERS BASED ON THE KANO MODEL2018 : Performance modelling for maintenance outsourcing providers based on the Kano model

Prof. Ir. Moses Laksono Singgih M.Sc Ph.D
Dr.Ir. Mokh Suef M.Sc (Eng)
Putu Dana Karningsih ST, M.Eng.Sc, Ph.D


Usually, maintenance activities are carried out by the maintenance department in a company, but now, some companies are outsourcing their maintenance activities. Outsourcing is the delegation of business functions to another company. The advantages of outsourcing include enabling a company to focus on its core business by outsourcing support activities, and changing fixed costs to variable costs. The aim of this research is to develop a multi-criteria performance measurement to assess the performance of maintenance outsourcing providers. Several previous studies have identified suitable performance criteria for maintenance outsourcing providers. However, those studies did not classify the criteria for achieving the desired level of performance. To address these shortcomings, this research has classified the criteria based on the Kano criteria. The criteria are: basic, one-dimensional, indifferent, reverse, and …