2019 : Boarding House Preferences by Middle Up Class Students in Surabaya

Ir. Purwanita Setijanti M.Sc., Ph.D.
Dewi Septanti S.Pd, ST, MT, Ph.D


The growth of public universities and private universities in Surabaya causes many temporary residents with educational aims. This temporary resident certainly needs a temporary residence such as a boarding house. Boarding house investment offers passive income that is not small, especially the boarding house with middle up segmentation. However, the costs involved in developing a boarding house are very large, so it is necessary to study what the prospective customer prioritize in deciding the decision to choose a boarding house. Quantitative approaches are used in determining influential factors and determining preferences. The survey was conducted with respondents from 100 middle up class students.The results of this study indicate that the factors which influence the choice of boarding houses are security, price, location, facilities, environment, reputation, reference and service. Advertising factor is a factor that has no effect. Preference for boarding houses produced in general are some of them including CCTV boarding houses; low, tenuous and transparent fence model; the boarding house is located at a location less than 1 Km from the campus area and has a front road between 3-5 meters wide where 2 cars can pass intersection; daily cleaning staff; silent boarding house acoustic conditions; limited car parking; electronic TV and AC facilities; additional bathroom inside; Mattresses, study tables, chairs and wifi; communal living room and kitchen; minimalist design theme and room size 3x4 meters (12 m2); the surrounding environment is in the form of formal housing; absence of security services; service with water pumps and …