2018 : The Development of Tax Law Application Formula in Indonesia from IRAC into IREAC

Dr.Drs Agus Suharsono MS.


The characteristic and pattern of tax collection system in Indonesia is mutual cooperation (kegotongroyongan) conducted using self-assessment system, in which taxpayer is trusted to calculate, to consider, to pay, and to report its own tax. Having gotten evidence, tax authority will publish tax stipulation for which a legal attempt can be file in the form of objection, appeal or judicial review. The number of tax disputes is substantial, indicating that there is a difference of tax law application, the process of applying law to the fact or concrete event. In addition to syllogism, the application of law can be done using a more comprehensive and practical formula, IRAC/ILAC. This study was a library research on law and book/article using statute, conceptual and analytical approaches. The result showed that many tax stipulations become tax dispute due to the difference of interpretation on law and evidence validation. Viewed …