2021 : Catwalk to sidewalk: Easy-to-follow on-trend styling tips

Shintami Chusnul Hidayati S.Kom., M.Sc., Ph.D



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Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable. Wearing the right in certain clothing or fashion pieces should be about choosing what actually suits our body and what makes us feel comfortable and confident. In recent years, fashion and beauty styling tips on the internet are widely used as reference sources. However, since the amount of information available on the internet is enormous and continues to grow, users are overloaded by different information to consider and may not have the time or knowledge to personally evaluate it. ¶ With the rapid expansion of online shopping for fashion products, fashion recommendation has become an increasingly important problem. In the literature, there are two types of fashion recommendation systems have been offered: (1) recommending outfits that a user may be interested in based on the historical data, and (2) recommending fashion items that suit a user-provided fashion item (e.g., boots, cardigan, skirt). Different from the existing works, in this project we focus on the problem of fashion items and the trending styles. Specifically, we propose to provide recommended fashion styles that are popular at a given time and space in society. ¶ Currently, fashion trend analysis is mainly performed by fashion experts who have intensive fashion knowledge. However, even for fashion experts, it is time-consuming to collect and analyze fashion trends since there are numerous fashion shows each year. Therefore, we see there is a need for efficiently analyzing fashion trends by exploiting fashion show videos of fashion week events. With a collection of the going-to-be discovered visual style elements of fashion trends, we can further design and build advanced recommendation applications for the Android/iOS platform to help support smart fashion retail. ¶ This research project is scheduled to run over one year as a joint project, coordinated by Indonesian group (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) and Taiwanese group (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology). We believe this research project will greatly help to combine the different technologies and research strengths from both sides to investigate interesting new research questions that should reveal new findings in the area of fashion and beauty analysis.