2019 : Public tendering process for construction projects: problem identifications, analysis, and proposed solutions

Tri Joko Wahyu Adi ST., MT., Ph.D


The current tendering process has vulnerabilities that can be exploited to negatively impact project delivery. There are many research papers that discussed the occurrences of these exploitations (i.e., funds embezzlement, fraud invoicing, etc.), but there has not been one that focused on the study of the tendering process itself, nor presented problem analysis and mitigation options. The aims of this research are to identify and analyze problems in every stage of public tendering process, then offer potential solutions to resolve or curb these problems. In addition to utilizing publicly available studies and interviews were used as starting point of problems identifications. Questionnaires were then distributed to tendering practitioners. Likert scale assessment and factor analysis were used to measure the questionnaires and analyze the data respectively, while proposed solutions were established from experts’ judgement …