2021 : Plane Travelling Plan Optimation Route with Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (Case Study: Travelling Salesman Challenge 2.0)

Ahmad Muklason S.Kom., M.Sc., Ph.D



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Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is a very popular problem in combinatorics optimization. The TSP problem consists of finding the shortest route from several cities where the distance between cities is known while the salesman must visit each city exactly once and must return to his hometown. This problem belongs to the non-polynomial hard (NP-hard) problem and can be solved using heuristic method. One of the issues included in the TSP is the search for the cheapest flight routes to several cities in the Traveling Salesman Challenge 2.0 (TSC 2.0) competition in 2018. This final project aims to resolve TSC 2.0 problems using the artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm. ABC algorithm is an algorithm that is inspired by the way the bee colony find and determine the best food sources. This algorithm has been widely implemented for NP-hard problems. The results of this study indicate that the ABC algorithm can solve TSC 2.0 problems with a fairly good performance by generating savings on travel costs by an average of 56.1% from the initial solution.