2018 : Model test variations of baffled block installation pattern in energy dissipator USBR type III for reduce flow energy

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nadjadji Anwar M.Sc.
Dr. Wasis Wardoyo M.Sc


Energy dissipator serves to stabilize the flow of water for preventing any scouring. Scouring can endanger the geometry of downstream river situated at the riverbed and river bank. The change in stream conditions from supercritical to subcritical leads to a hydraulic jump that is used by energy dissipator to reduce the flow energy. Type of energy dissipator which is frequently used is stilling basin equipped with baffled blocks. Baffled blocks serve to generate hydraulic jump and reduce the flow velocity. However, the effectiveness of stilling basin in stabilizing the flow water is lacking. This is proved by the occurrences of scouring on downstream riverbed and riverbank of the weir even though it has been supported by stilling basin. Based on the problem, the research about the installation of baffled block pattern has been done. Model 0 was a model made based USBR type III stilling basin while model 1 was variation …