2016 : An integrated project-based learning for Intelligent Control lecture and practice at polytechnics graduate school

Prof.Dr.Ir. Mohammad Nuh DEA



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This paper presents an integrated project-based learning of lecture and laboratory practice on Intelligent Control course in Master degree Program, at Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya (PENS). This first skill-based graduate engineering education program in Indonesia, was started since 2013 to fulfill the lack of professional engineers in advanced level to be ready as innovators and leader in industries. Moreover, since the role of PENS as National Resources Polytechnics in electrical and information related fields, this program also provide practical-oriented graduate level education for the country's polytechnic lecturer that inline with the nature of polytechnic education. We will present one of example how we deliver our integrated knowledge and skill to the students, in this case Intelligent Control course. The course enable student learn the knowledge given by lecturer in the classroom, and - together with …