2017 : Development of total suspended sediment model using landsat-8 OLI and In-situ data at the surabaya coast, East Java, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nadjadji Anwar M.Sc.
Dr.Ir. Teguh Hariyanto M.Sc
Khomsin ST., MT


The decrease of coastal-water quality in the Surabaya coastal region can be recognized from the conceentration of Total Suspended Sediment (TSS). As a result we need a system for monitoring sediment concentration in the coastal region of Surabaya which regularly measures TSS. The principle to model and monitor TSSconcentration using remote sensing methods is by the integration of Landsat-8OLI satellites image processing using some ofTSS-models then those are analyzed for looking its suitability with TSS value direcly measured in the field (in-situ measurement). The TSS value modeled from all algorithms validated usingcorrelation analysis and linear regression. The result shows that TSS model with the highest correlation value is TSS algorithm by Budiman (2004) with r value 0.991. Hence this algorithm can be used to investigate TSS-distribution which represent the coastal water quality of Surabaya …