2019 : Analysing Crustal Deformation on the Southern Part of Java Island due to Active Tectonic Activities on the Java Trench Subduction Zone

Dr.Ir. Muhammad Taufik
Ira Mutiara Anjasmara ST, M.Phil, Ph.D
Akbar Kurniawan ST., MT.

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Due to its outstanding geodynamic location, like being surrounded by several tectonic plates, Indonesia appears to be one of the very active seismicity regions in the world. Java Island is one of the most seismically active Island of Indonesia, due to the occurrence of the subduction zone in the south of this island. This study is aimed to investigate the crustal deformation in the Southern Java based on continuous GPS data (CORS GNSS data). In deformation and geodynamic studies, GPS is the most effective tool for the determination of the deformation due to an active fault, the surface movement or displacement during or after earthquake and relative motion between tectonic plates. In this research we will present a GPS derived crustal deformation using multi-temporal GPS CORS data between the year 2015 to 2018. The scientific software GAMIT/GLOBK will be used to process the data from stations located in Southern part of Java to analyze the crustal deformation in the North-eastern part of java Island of Indonesia. This study will not only derive the components of the crustal deformation but also investigating the strain accumulation in the study area. Keywords: CORS GPS, Southern Java, Crustal Deformation, GAMIT/GLOBK