2019 : Relasi Dakwah Islam, Budaya Lokal dan Manajemen Isu Lingkungan Hidup di Indonesia

Choirul Mahfud S.Pd.I., M.Pd.I.



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Indonesia is well-known as the most vulnerable country to disaster and environmental problems compared to other countries. Indonesia is also home of diverse disasters ranging from earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, to flooding caused by climate change and global warming. In fact, there are those who call Indonesia a supermarket of disaster. This article discusses the relationship between Islamic Da'wah and local wisdom in sustainable environmental and disaster management. The meeting point between Islamic Da'wah and environmental issues is one of the strategic topics about environmental management for disaster mitigation management that is adapted to the local culture in each region. This paper also discusses the importance of local wisdom as an effort that needs to be considered in environmental and disaster management. Almost in every region in Indonesia have unique ways when interacting with the nature and environment. Local wisdom as a form of environmental preferences in community life has an important role in building preparedness of how to face natural disasters and rearranging sustainable environmental management.