2019 : Meshless local B-spline collocation method for heterogeneous heat conduction problems

Mas Irfan Purbawanto Hidayat S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D


Several numerical issues still pertain in the modeling of heterogeneous heat conduction, particularly from the viewpoints of material discontinuity and its handling and the presence of heat source. In this paper, a meshless local B-spline collocation method is presented for unsteady heat conduction problems of heterogeneous media. Unknown field variables are approximated by using B-spline basis functions within overlapped compact domains covering the geometry of materials. The present method is a truly meshless approach. The proposed approach is mainly coming with the following advantage that it is straightforward in dealing with discontinuity across the interface of heterogeneous materials. Treatment of discontinuity by using non-crossing interface compact domains allows material discontinuity to be handled geometrically without enforcing additional term/function at the interface. Several heat conduction …