2019 : The temperature variation effect to the AISI 316L corrosion rate of the rotary dryer off-gas line in the nickel smelting plant

Dr.-Ing Doty Dewi Risanti S.T., M.T


Burning of coal will produce exhaust gases containing SOx compounds as well as NOx which can form acidic compounds such as H2SO4. When there is a decreasing in temperature as an effect of coal burning to reach the dew point so that will lead to corrosion, especially in the off gas line. This research was conducted to determine the effect of temperature to the corrosion rate of off-gas line material. The tested material was AISI SS 316L steel with temperature variation at 60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C and 100°C. The corrosion rate tests were performed by weight loss method where the corrosive medium used to soak the steel was 3.5% NaCl solution of 500 ml and flowed by SO2 gas for 3 hours. From this corrosion rate testing, it was found that the corrosion rate increased along with the temperature increment where the highest corrosion rate was at the temperature of 100°C which is equal to 7,767,96950 mm/yr and …