2021 : MATLAB Mathematical Modeling for a Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell Utilizing Substrate Mixture of Lapindo Mud and Fishery Wastewater

Dr.Eng. Raden Darmawan S.T., M.T.



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“Lapindo�mud is accidentally a mud eruption from drilling oil and gas rig in Sidoarjo, East Java, and is considered Hazardous and Toxic Waste. “Lapindo�mud has high organic carbon and contained electrochemically active bacteria which can be utilized as a carbon source and culture source for SC-MFC. Fishery wastewater, on the other hand, has been identified as a potentially large volume waste disposal in rivers and soil, where it may cause odor pollution and water eutrophication. “Lapindo�mud and fishery wastewater are used as a substrate mixture in SC-MFC to enhance bioelectricity generation and wastewater treatment. This research aim is to determine the mathematical modeling of the Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell (SC-MFC) Performance, including generated electricity, bacteria growth, and waste degradation. Having a better understanding of operation probabilities is critical to lead a successful MFC operation. The model obtained was simulated using MATLAB software with the ODE 45 (ordinary differential equations 4 and 5) method. The accuracies of mathematical modeling are 75% up to 98% compared to the experimental results. However, due to the substrate complexity, the mathematical modeling was carried out by simplifying complex substrates into simpler substrates, such as acetic acid or monosaccharide sugar (glucose). Hence, a hydrodynamics module using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is needed to improve modeling accuracy.