2014 : \"Synthesis of Commercial Fragrance Prenyl acetate: New Developments and Applications\n\"\n

Prof.Dr. Mardi Santoso
Prof. Dr. Dra. Fahimah Martak M.Si
Arif Fadlan S.Si, M.Si, D.Sc

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Terpenoids is a group of fragrance materials which is the most abundant in \n\nnature and plays a key role in the modern perfume composition. Terpenoids are \n\ndefined as natural products that are built up of isoprene units. Isoprene is a five \n\ncarbon olefin, (2-methylbutadiene), and its characteristic structural pattern can be \n\nseen in all terpenoids structures. Terpenoids which consists of more than three \n\nisoprene units are less volatile and do not give the scent so that it does not contribute \n\nas a fragrance ingredient. As a result, terpenoids that act as fragrance ingredients are \n\nhemiterpenoids (one isoprene unit), monoterpenoids (two isoprene units), and \n\nsesquiterpenoids (three isoprene units). However the majority are monoterpenoids \n\nand sesquiterpenoids caused by their abundance in nature. Although hemiterpenoids \n\nare extremely