2012 : Environment socialization value analysis at elderly houses in Surabaya and Jakarta to improve socialization needs among the aged

Prof. Dr. Ir. Josef Prijotomo M.Arch.
Ir. Ispurwono Soemarno M.Arch., PhD.
Dr Mahendra Wardhana ST,MT.


Improving of the aged becomes an urgent matter. The environment where the aged live must be designed to meet many kind of needs. Fulfilling the socialization need for the aged at elderly house is an important and urgent issue. The usual problems are insufficiency or incompleteness facilities at elderly house. The causes of this problem of the socialization pattern and potential of the place where the socialization occurs is not fairly understood yet. This research conducted in two elderly houses in Surabaya and Jakarta. The method of this study started by identifying the pattern of socialization that conducted by continuous observation in four weeks in each elderly house. The longer the observation, the socialization pattern will clearly indicate. The pattern further processed by using ESV formula to know the level of socialization that occurs in elderly house environment. Any attempts to improve socialization of the …