2017 : From smart living into smart city: a lesson from Kampung of Surabaya

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D


In general, smart city is equated with the use of technology and information (ICT) to make the city more effective and efficient. The concept of smart city is also targeted to improve the quality of life for its citizens as well as the local economy. Yet, this concept is questioned for its transformation to cities in developing countries. Therefore, it is equally important to understand how this concept is integrated with local creativity and innovation of city. This paper reveals the process of local innovation and creativity from local community in kampung settlement that support the concept of smart city. This preliminary study employs method qualitatively by collecting data from field study observation and in-depth interviews. Represents the urban living settlement of Surabaya, kampung is explored because of its multiple unique characteristics, innovation of living and building the environment. The result shows the smart living of kampung can be traced from several innovative tactics, such as green and clean program for the better kampung’s environment, waste system management, and preserving the historic buildings. Those innovative local tactics can be valuable as further initiative approach that supports the implementation of smart city’s concepts in the kampung of Surabaya.