2016 : The rapid assessment for heritage area method (RAFHAM) for Kemasan heritage area

Dr. Ir. Rima Dewi MIP


Not all of the heritage area left abandoned by the owner or the community. Some are well preserved by the initiative of the community in the area even without any incentives from government. The questions are: 1). why some community eager to preserve and the other is not? 2). How we can assess accurately when the community eager to preserve rapidly?. These two basic questions will lead to the answer of what appropriate community based preservation model in the heritage area. The rapid assessment for heritage area method (RAFHAM) developed by the team from the Kemasan Heritage Area Method [1] that currently on the patent process and been applied to some other heritage area. The assessment results for the Kemasan Area are: 1). The activity level of the heritage area consider low to moderate which mean, this heritage area has no enormous impact for its owner or the user of the area, 2). On the …