2018 : Analysis of Consentration of Total Suspended Solid (TSS) in Porong Sidoarjo River Waters

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bangun Muljo Sukojo DEA.DESS
Dr.Ir. Teguh Hariyanto M.Sc


Porong River is Lapindo mud disposal area that has occurred since 2006 until now. Lapindo Mud river flow into the Porong River has caused higher sedimentation Mud in Porong River. Therefore, observation of TSS (Total Suspended Solid) distribution is needed to know the air quality in the waters. In this research, observation of TSS distribution is done by using remote sensing method by utilizing Landsat 7 Satellite Imagery 7 year 2000, and Landsat 8 in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, and in situ data in the form of 20 air samples. Landsat-8 L1T satellite image data in 2017 was processed using 5 TSS algorithms namely Syarif Budiman Algorithm (2004), Parwati Algorithm (2006), Guzman & Santaella Algorithm (2009), Nurahida Laili Algorithm (2015), and Jaelani Algorithm (2016). From result of data processing using Algorithm Budhiman (2004), with Normalized Mean Error (NMAE) equal to 19,53%, that …