2019 : Analyzing the Effect of Design Patterns on Software Maintainability: A Case Study

Rizky Januar Akbar S.Kom., M.Eng.


This study aims to analyze the effect of the application of design patterns on the quality of software. We use Academic Information Systems, especially on Learning Module as a case study. Domain logic group of pattern is applied on the case study. Maintainability measurements are conducted based on ISO 25010 and ISO 25023. Four types of domain logic design patterns are applied: transaction script, service layer, domain model, and table module. The results of the experiment show that any application of the design pattern on the logic domain produce different maintainability quality. Transaction script produces the best modularity value with 0.813. Whilst service layer gets the best reusability value with 0.693. The experimental results also show that analyzability and testability are not affected by the application of domain logic design patterns.