2018 : A synthetic unit hydrograph model based on fractal characteristics of watersheds

Prof. Dr. Ir. Nadjadji Anwar M.Sc.
Umboro Lasminto ST., M.Sc.


Synthetic unit hydrograph (SUH) is one of the rainfall-discharge transformation models that are still popularly used today primarily for estimating flood discharge for water resources planning and management. The advantage of this model is that it is able to estimate the discharge based on the sequence of time in an occurrence of rainfall, and thus the correlation between time and discharge in the form of hydrograph can be obtained. The fundamental weakness of SUH is that they are likely to produce deviations for watersheds that do not have the hydrological characteristics similar to the watersheds used as the basis for the model’s development. These deviations are estimated as a result of the assumptions used to establish the concept of unit hydrograph and the complexity of the factors affecting hydrograph, particularly the nature of rainfall and watershed characteristics that are not accommodated in the model …