2019 : Characterization of diffuse reflectance spectrum from vegetable leaves as the techniques of chlorophyll concentration measurement

Prof. Dr. Ir. Sekartedjo M.Sc


Chlorophyll is a main biochemistry component for photosynthesis and a health indicator for plant. Chlorophyll concentration can be measured by non-destructive and non-contact method using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy. Phantom consist of intralipid, aquades, gelatin and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll with certain concentration that known by absorption technique is used to be a primary stage for DRS. Non linear least square data fitting using diffuse reflectance mathematical model is used to determine parameters from phantom. The value of parameters is used for chlorophyll concentration measurement and will be compared with the chlorophyll concentration from absorption technique. When the system have been quantified well, the system will be used for chlorophyll concentration measurement for leaves without a complicated sample preparation such as absorption technique. Phantom reflectance├é┬á…