2018 : Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow Considering Dynamic Line Rating

Prof. Dr. Ontoseno Penangsang Ir. M.Sc.


The transmission system must be designed to anticipate contingency at all load level which is unpredictable. Contingency due to one or more transmission lines outage may cause transmission line overload. As the result, re-dispatch is required, the operational cost becomes more expensive. To overcome this problem, knowing the actual current capacity is very important to use line capacity maximally. Dynamic line rating is an approach to know the ampacity rating of the bare overhead transmission line base on meteorological conditions. The integration DLR with security constraint optimal power flow (SCOPF) potentially enhances security and minimize the generation cost. The complexities of integration DLR and SCOPF are calculating ampacity using steady state heat balance equation (HBE), adding steady state HBE on SCOPF and simulating in the various time interval with multi-load levels. Direct current …