2019 : Deformation and failure of sugarcane bagasse reinforced PP

Hariyati Purwaningsih SSi, MSi


Polypropylene composites were prepared from sugarcane bagasse fibers by extrusion and injection molding. Wood flour was used as reference filler in the study. The fiber content of the composites changed between 0 and 30 wt% in 5 wt% steps. Maleated polypropylene was used as coupling agent to improve interfacial adhesion. Mechanical properties were characterized by tensile and fracture testing, while local deformation processes were followed by acoustic emission and instrumented impact testing, as well as by the analysis of scanning electron micrographs. The results showed that sugarcane bagasse fibers reinforce polypropylene similarly to other natural fibers. They increases stiffness, but decrease tensile yield stress, tensile strength and deformability. Increased interfacial adhesion leads to the considerable improvement of reinforcement. Bagasse fiber and wood flour filled composites have very …