2019 : A Special Section on Hybrid Intelligent Systems and Applications in Medical Imaging and Health Informatics

Dr.Eng. Chastine Fatichah S.Kom, M.Kom


We are delighted to share with readers of this esteemed journal our collection on what we hope will be the first of periodic (bi-annually) efforts to produce compendiums focused on stimulating the use of computationally-intelligent hybrid systems (HIS) in medical imaging and health informatics. Hybrid intelligent systems (HIS) offer the capability to handle real world complex problems involving imprecision, uncertainty, vagueness, high-dimensionality, etc. across different domains. Our special section comprises of contributions that integrate HIS techniques to solve or improve traditional approaches employed in medical image security, disease diagnosis, as well as its applications in patient readmission, epileptic electrocardiograms, etc. All studies presented in the special section were conscientiously formulated and rigorously validated using standard benchmarks and, where required, data was sourced from widely …