2019 : Fishery Supply Chains in Indonesia: Improvement Opportunities on The Downstream Side

Niniet Indah Arvitrida ST, MT.


This paper investigates improvement opportunities for fishery supply chains in Indonesia. A downstream perspective is taken, and Surabaya is employed as a case study. This research applies desk study and exploratory work to obtain existing landscape of the fisheries supply chains. This landscape is used to describe the characteristics of the supply chains, and identify the potential improvements for the supply chains. Three major issues in the downstream market are found in this study. They are related to the fish market governance, traditional business characteristics, and inflexible supply chain system that limits information visibility. Several approaches are identified in order to eliminate these problems. They are developing an online information system for fish market place and shifting the business perspective to be more competitive. All these findings of this paper provide an initial insight on what can be improved from the downstream stage.