2011 : Block of Composition Re-Pulped Paper and Soil for Walls in Low Rise Residential Buildings

Prof. Dr. Ir. Vincentius Totok Noerwasito M.T


In this decade, as urban populations grow the demand is increasing for low-rise residential buildings to serve the needs of low and middle-income people in the metropolises of Indonesia. Development of these types of building is urgent needed and building construction must be executed using fast construction systems. On the other hand, issues surrounding sustainable design must also be paid attention. One of the characteristics that can support sustainable design is the use of recycled products in the fabrication of building materials. This paper discusses research regarding a material for use in the interior walls of low-rise buildings that utilizes re-pulped paper as its raw material, namely mush from domestic paper waste. This wall is both lightweight and can be used as a partition wall. The raw material for this type of wall is repulped paper, while additional materials include soil containing a lot of sand and a …