2015 : A Review of Prestressed Concrete Pile with Circular Hollow Section (Spun Pile)

Prof.Dr.Ir. I Gusti Putu Raka
Prof.Ir. Priyo Suprobo M.Sc Ph.D
Candra Irawan S.T., M.T.


Spun pile is one of the types of piles are widely used in the world construction, for example in building and bridge. Spun pile is a prestressed concrete pile with circular hollow section. This paper provides an overview of the research development of spun pile, starting from 80's until now. This overview is related to methods of increasing the strength and reliability of spun pile due to earthquake loads, either by modifying the longitudinal reinforcement and confinement. In addition, this paper also discusses about the failure patterns of spun pile due to seismic loads. Finally, this paper can be a reference for understanding the scope of the research topics that have been done by researchers. Thus, by this overview can be obtained new idea for the next research to improve the performance of spun pile carry seismic loads.