2018 : High density Polyethylene plastic waste treatment with microwave heating pyrolysis method using coconut-shell activated carbon to produce alternative fuels

Dr. Ir. Sri Rachmania Juliastuti M.Eng



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Pyrolysis is a technology that could crack polimer such as plastic waste into alternative fuels. This research uses microwave heating methode, which more efficient than conventional heating methode. The plastic waste used is 200 grams of HDPE, with feed to catalyst weight ratio are 1: 1, 0.6: 1, 0.4: 1. Pyrolysis was run at temperatures of 250, 300, 350, & 400 C for 15, 30 and 45 min. From the experimental result, the best variable of pyrolysis process with microwave method is at 45 minutes, at 400 C, and 1: 1 feed to catalyst weight ratio. Result shows that yield of liquid and gas product is 99.22%; yield of residue is 0.78%; value of liquid product's composition (cycloparaffin and n-paraffin) is 54.09% and concentration of methane gas is 10.2%.