2019 : Performance of SGPN-NPs paste electrode as medical biosensor

Dr.rer.nat. Fredy Kurniawan S.Si., M.Si


SGPN-NPs paste electrode as biosensor have been successfully fabricated. The electrode was made by modification material such as silica gel, solid paraffin, liquid paraffin and nickel nanoparticles. All modification material would be mixed into paste and then modified on the silver electrode which covered by glass tube. Comparison result will be studied by silver electrode with and without modification. The performance of the biosensor was investigated in medical sample, ie insulin. The electrochemical response from the biosensor was performed by cyclic voltammetry (CV) in phosphate buffer solution (pH= 7.0) at room temperature. The best response of the biosensor was achieved by silver electrode with modification. This SGPN-NPs paste electrode can detect insulin at potential of-0.667 V. The obtained calibration curve followed a linear equation, I pc=-5.1350 c-330.2550, with R 2= 0.97564. The limit of …