2017 : Alerting system for sport activity based on ecg signals using proportional integral derivative

Dr. Ir. Yoyon Kusnendar Suprapto MSc.
Arief Kurniawan ST., MT
Ahmad Zaini ST, M.T


Exercise makes the body fit, but most people do not know the intensity of the exercise they are doing right or otherwise can be dangerous, because not everyone knows the maximum heart rate (MHR), Heart Rate Resting (HRRest), heart rate reserve (HRR) and Target Heart Rate (THR) for each individual, it is proposed an ECG signal-based warning system to find out how much a person's maximum limit in exercise based on age, gender, body mass index, MHR, RHR, THRmin and THRmax. The data is taken by using ECG sensors from the subjects who are doing sport activities using a treadmill by noting the resulted feature when the subject reaches the maximum limit of the heart rate (THRmax) target. Range is calculated from 50% of the THR value, which increases periodically during treadmill activities up to 85% of THR. When already exceed THRmax, then the system will automatically warn and decrease the …