2018 : Contribution of Relaxation Effect to the Permittivity of Mg1-xZnxTiO3 Ceramics

Prof. Dr. Suasmoro


This work reported the investigation on the effect of relaxation to the permittivity (epsilon'r) characteristic of Mg 1-x Zn x TiO 3 ceramics for x= 0–0.5 (MZT0–MZT0. 5) measured from 1 Hz to 330 MHz. Within that frequency range, the relaxation effect that consists of the space charge (SC) and the dipolar (D) polarization mechanisms were identified. The contribution of the D relaxation in MZT0–MZT0. 2 systems extents overall from about 100 Hz to 330 MHz, while that in MZT0. 3–MZT0. 5 systems is from 50 kHz to 330 MHz. The remaining frequencies, ie from 1 to 90 Hz for MZT0–MZT0. 2 and from 1 Hz to 50 kHz for MZT0. 3–MZT0. 5, are attributed to the SC relaxation. The D polarization mechanism provides constant epsilon'r values which vary from (15.4–17.0)±0.3 throughout the samples. Contribution of the SC polarization mechanism to the characteristic is supported by the simultaneous presence of different content …