2018 : Android Application for Controlling Air Conditioner Using Fuzzy Logic

Prof. Drs. Ec. Ir. Riyanarto Sarno M.Sc., Ph.D


There are many kind of electronic appliances around us such as microwave, lamp, television, and air conditioner around us. Sometimes many people are confuse and do not know how to manage those electronic appliances. It is hard to manage whenever they aren't at home or go to another places. By using electronic appliance in our daily life, it always need our electrical resources and some electronic devices consume more electrical energy such as Air Conditioner, Microwave and also a computer. Those devices are makes our electricity bill can be increased and makes some people surprised when they looked on their bill, they don't know how to reduce the power consumption all those electronic parts since they don't understand how to maintain those parts some people often forgot to turn off the electronic devices when they leave for working, school and any other activities, so this is make that electronic …