2018 : Method of removing secondary compression on clay using preloading

Prof.Ir. Indrasurya Budisatria Mochtar M.Sc,Ph.D.


Due to external loads, the soft soil will undergo a large compression of both primary and secondary compression. With soil improvement using prefabricated vertical drain (PVD), the time of primary compression becomes shorter so that secondary compression occurs in short time. There has been little research on how to remove secondary compression. Therefore, further investigation of behaviour and method of removing secondary compression is necessary. This research was conducted based on an experimental study of clay consolidation test with a variation of loading time in the laboratory. The results show that there is an empirical correlation among the secondary compression index (Cα’), the initial void ratio (e0), the void ratio at the end of primary consolidation (ep), and the effective consolidation stress (P’). The correlations obtained from this study are Cα’ = (0.0072e0 - 0.0067)P’ and Cα’ = (0.0077ep - 0.006 …