2018 : Landslide Hazard Analysis In Tuban Regency Using Multilevel Satellite Imagery Processing For Landslide Potential Mapping

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bangun Muljo Sukojo DEA.DESS


Landslide is a kind of land or rock movement, come from a place that has a higher slope as a consequence of disturbed land stability. The landslide can cause huge damage around us, but there are so many ways that can decrease landslide risk assessment, for example, to keep away from landslide area, spread a warning around the people, and apply safety standard when entering a landslide area. This research has purpose to know landslide potential that influences in hazard mitigation strategy in Tuban Regency. This research result is landslide potential map based on the land characteristic, rainfall, slope, and land use. That four parameters pass by an analysis processing an will be sure by remote sensing data that is medium resolution satellite imagery of Landsat 8, high-resolution satellite imagery of SPOT, and very high-resolution satellite imagery of Quickbird. This research result is a map of landslide …