2021 : Pengembangan Mixed Matrix Membran Berbasis P84 ko-poliimida dengan penambahan Zeolit Komposit Karbon untuk Aplikasi Pemisahan Gas

Dr. Triyanda Gunawan S.Si



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This research introduced zeolite-Y carbon composite (ZCC) as a new filler on the polymeric membrane based on the BTDA-TDI/MDI (P84) co-polyimide for improved gas separation. In the composite, the zeolite pore was modified by introducing carbon layer as a pore surface coating to avoid permeability loss due to the presence of moisture. The ZCC was prepared through the impregnation of sucrose as carbon precursor into zeolite-Y pore and followed by pyrolysis at 800°C. Optimal enhancement of CO2/CH4 and H2/CH4 selectivity was achieved at 1 wt% of ZCC loading where the selectivity increased by 138.5 and 135%, respectively. CO2 permeability at that loading was improved from 13.38 to 43.79 Barrer, while for H2, the permeability improved from 36.89 to 117.96 Barrer. The results showed that the incorporation of ZCC greatly enhanced the membrane performance in gas separation.