2019 : Fundamental Study of Stope and Barrier Pillar Stabilities by Using Cut and Fill Method for Redevelopment of Rest Gold Mine, Myanmar

Sabar SE, M.Si


The stability of mine development is very important during the planned period of production. Additionally, it would be a great challenge for redeveloping rest mine project to extend the mine area due to the effect of previous mined-out area. The deposits of rest mine are usually located in deeper regions; accordingly, stress condition will be greatly changed. The existence of underground water from the previous mined-out area is also possible to infiltrate into the redevelopment of rest mine area, which will influence the stability of new openings. This paper describes the stability design of a redevelopment of a rest mine, with National Prosperity Gold Production Group Limited (NPGPGL) underground gold mine in Myanmar as a case study. This mine adopts overhand cut and fill method to extract the minerals. NPGPGL is characterized with steeply dipping vein with complex fractures and underground water …