2017 : Speed control of three phase induction motor using method hysteresis space vector pulse width modulation

Dr.Ir. Mochammad Rameli



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Induction motor speed control was relatively difficult, because the generated torque and flux are related or not free. In addition to adjusting the speed, it required inverter control. The inverter output was not a pure sinusoidal signal but it is the result of the switching. Therefore, it was necessary to be able to fix the method of switching the inverter output signal that can adjust induction motor speed with load changes. This study applied the indirect method of vector control for setting the speed and incorporates methods of SVPWM (space vector pulse width modulation) with hysteresis then became hysteresis space vector pulse width modulation (HSVPWM) on the inverter. This study also reconstructed current signal. The setting speed three phase induction motor vector control using indirect methods were successfully applied. A change of pace on HSVPWM method successfully achieves the set point of 600 rpm with a …