2018 : Analysis of Accuracy Orthorectification Pleiades and QuickBird Imagery to Creation of Based Map of Detail Spatial Plan for Open Green Space (Case Study: Part of Tuban Urban Area)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Bangun Muljo Sukojo DEA.DESS


Appropriate Government Regulation No. 15/2010 concerning the Organization of Spatial, Spatial Plan area (RTRW) Regency/City must assign part of its territory and put together a plan of Spatial Detail (RDTR). Map of RDTR that exist today can be said to be less qualified and their use should be insufficient. One of RDTR is about Open Green Space (RTH). In Act No. 26/2007 of spatial mentions open green space should consist of 30% of the city area that is 20% and 10% of the public and the private. In making the RDTR map can be done by using very high-resolution satellite imagery previously orthorectification needed to be made in advance. Therefore, it needs to be done research on the accuracy of very high-resolution satellite imagery, satellite imagery can be known so that it can be used for making the based map of RDTR with scale 1: 5000. This research was conducted in the Urban area of Tuban, East Java …