2018 : Constructing control-flow patterns containing invisible task and non-free choice based on declarative model

Prof. Drs. Ec. Ir. Riyanarto Sarno M.Sc., Ph.D


Business processes can be modeled into declarative models and imperative models. The declarative model provides rules to describe the relation of flexible processes and the imperative model uses control-flow patterns to depict the relation of processes in detail. To correlate relations in both models, extended MINERful algorithm converts a declarative model into an imperative model in the form of Petri Net model. However, while forming an imperative model, extended MINERful cannot detect invisible task and invisible task in non-free choice relation. This research proposes a method to construct invisible task and invisible task in non-free choice relation by connecting discovered primary control-flow patterns that are constructed by combining rules in a declarative model. The primary control-flow patterns are patterns of sequence, XOR, AND and OR. All of those patterns are formed in linear temporal logic and a tree model as the form of an imperative model is composed of those patterns. The experiment shows that the proposed method can build an imperative model that contains invisible task and the invisible task of non-free choice based on a declarative model. This experiment verifies that the results of the proposed method have higher precision than results of the extended MINERful algorithm.