2014 : Location finder using Augmented Reality for railways assistance

Prof.Ir. Supeno Djanali M.Sc Ph.D
Ary Mazharuddin Shiddiqi S.Kom., M.Comp.Sc.,


Currently, railways have been an influential transportation system in every country, including Indonesia. This transportation system moves people from one place to another in a large number of passengers. The railways have an advantage of traffic-free and relatively low cost. However, there are many train accidents occurred caused by several reasons. In Indonesia, a critical issue that causes the accidents is the absence of real time monitoring system. The monitoring system relies on radio communication among the operating railways and stations. This paper proposes a real-time railways monitoring system. This monitoring system includes real time data tracking of the current position of a train. The data will be displayed on a web site that can be monitored by train station officials. In addition, the system will notify candidate passengers should their train is approaching or having delays. To reach train station, if …