2018 : A review of various nozzle range of wire arc spray on FeCrBMnSi metal coating

Ir. Rochman Rochiem M.Sc.
Hariyati Purwaningsih SSi, MSi
Budi Agung Kurniawan S.T., M.Sc.
Wikan Jatimurti ST., M.Sc
Alvian Toto Wibisono S.T., M.T.


Low Temperature Hot Corrosion (LTHC) is type of hot corrosion which occurred on 700-800°C and usually on turbine blades. So, as a result the material of turbine blades is crack and degredation of rotation efficiency. Hot corrosion protection with the use of barrier that separate substrate and environment is one of using metal surface coating, wire arc spray method. This study has a purpose to analyze the effect of nozzle distance and gas pressure on FeCrBMnSi coating process using wire arc spray method on thermal resistance. The parameter of nozzle distance and gas pressure are used, resulted the best parameter on distance 400 mm and gas pressure 3 bar which has the bond strength of 12,58 MPa with porosity percentage of 5,93% and roughness values of 16,36 µm. While the examination of thermal cycle which by heating and cooling continuously, on the coating surface is formed oxide compound …