2018 : Critical Success Factors of Collaborative Approaches in Delivering Sustainable Construction

Dr Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.
Gogor Arif Handiwibowo ST., M.MT.
Gita Widi Bhawika S.ST.,M.MT

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Collaborative approaches are essential for delivering sustainable construction. There are a lot of difficulties in achieving sustainable construction; for instance, multi-disciplinary entities involved in a construction project have their own interest and goal. Collaboration approaches such as knowledge management, ICT-based designing tools, gain pain mechanism and communication among participants are playing important role in delivering sustainable construction. The research on critical success factor of collaborative approaches in delivering sustainable construction is insufficient. This research aims to identify the support and critical success factors for collaboration success. First, literature study is done to summarise the supporting collaboration factors that have been suggested by previous researchers. Next, a survey includes distributed questionnaire using Likert Scale, interview and observation are carried out to minimum 50 respondents including client, designers and contractors. The collected primary data is then evaluated using factor analysis as well as mean and standard deviation analysis. The result from the research aims to show that which factor is the most critical factor of collaborative approaches in delivering sustainable construction.